Shadows in the Colors

"I see strange things," Seth McLeod told his psychiatrist.

"What are these strange things you see, Mr. McLeod?" Dr. Willis asked his patient, who was sitting on a red leather couch directly in front of him.

"I don't really know. They are...well...they float, anyway." Seth said, moving his blind eyes as though he was looking at the patterns engraved in the white ceiling tiles of the doctor's office. "They float around in the air like clouds in the sky."

"Where do they appear to float?" Dr. Willis continued, taking notes on the yellow legal pad he had purchased at a local convenience store. "Can you be more specific?"

"There, there, there, there, there," Seth answered, pointing to various locations around the cherry-panelled office with his pale finger. "and everywhere, really. They're all around us; even between you and me as we speak."

"How long have you been seeing these floating things?"

"I started seeing them when I was about twelve years old; when I was first told I was going blind, I think. At first, they were faint. I told my mom who took me to the eye doctor. The doctor just told her that it was odd, but that it was not at all uncommon for people going blind to see strange things like this. The problem is, is that they haven't gone away. It's been 20 years, you know."

"I see. And can you tell me what they look like?"

"Not really," Seth said, as his eyes continued darting back and forth. "There are various shapes and sizes and they're all very colorful. There are red ones and green ones and blue ones and yellow ones and, oh, there are so many colors!"

"Alright. What else do they do other than float?" Dr. Willis asked with the professional calmness his costly degree from Stanford had given him.

"Nothing," Seth replied without hesitation. "They just float. That is, the colorful ones do."

"Oh, they aren't all colorful?" Dr. Willis questioned with a puzzled look on his face.

"Well, not the scary ones," Seth murmured. "They're black."

"And do these scary ones ever do anything or say anything to you, Mr. McLeod?"

"Yes. They come for me. When I am sleeping."

"Come for you in your sleep?"

"Yes, they come for me. At night when I'm sleeping, I dream. I have nightmares. Colorful nightmares," Seth said as the expression on his face tightened. "In the dream, I float in the colors like I was one of them. I look down at my left hand and it's yellow. My right one's red. I never look at my feet, but I'm sure they'd be colorful too. Then, in the distance, a darkness begins to break apart the colors. Slowly, one by one, each floating thing is devoured by this blackness, until they're all gone."

"What happens then?" Dr. Willis inquired, furiously jotting down notes on his yellow legal pad.

"I wake up," Seth stated blatantly.

"I see. Do you wake up every time?"


"Ok. Does this darkness every come after you when you're not sleeping?"

"It has once before," Seth replied, closing his blind eyes.

"What happened then?"

"I got scared and fainted," Seth murmured in a very low, embarrassed voice.

"I see. And what do you think would happen if you were to, say, let the 'darkness' overtake you while you're awake like it does the floating colors you see?"

"I don't know," Seth answered.

"You can't tell me anything, Mr. McLeod?"

"No, I'm afraid I can't," Seth said. His face twisted in horror.

"I see," Dr. Willis said, cocking his head a little to the right and tightening his brow as he noticed the expression on Seth's face change. "What are you seeing now?"

"It''s...the darkness."

"What's it doing?"

"It's...growing! The colors! The wonderful colors! They are...they're being eaten by the darkness! The same as in my dreams!"

"I see. Why don't you try to..." Dr. Willis stopped cold mid-sentence as he watched Seth begin to shake violently. "Mr. McLeod?"

"I see it! It came! The darkness! It's here!" Seth began to yell from a voice seemingly distant and not the one belonging to the patient who had just been laying calmly on Dr. Willis's red leather couch. His body's shake had begun to turn into a flop like a fish out of water. "It's here! I see it! You want to know? Do you want to know about the darkness? I want to tell! Yes, I want to tell you! Come here, doctor!" Seth's flopping body said. His eyes continued to bolt back and forth, but with an unnatural speed.

"Hell no," Dr. Willis answered, picking up his phone and punching in the numbers nine-one-one.

Seth's body ceased to flop. He was dead.