Alex Seifert


Ich bin Hobbyhistoriker.

Ich interessiere mich für viele diverse Arten und Bereiche von Geschichte. Über meine Themen schreibe ich regelmäßig auf meinem Geschichtsblog, History Rhymes.


  • Deutschland im 19. Jahrhundert
  • Victorian Britain
  • amerikanische Westexpansion
  • Königtum und Adel
  • Politik
  • Architektur und Gebäudedesign
  • die Ästhetik des Designs
  • Umweltgeschichte

Qualifikationen und Arbeiten

  • Postgraduate Diplom - Geschichte mit Schwerpunkt Nineteenth-Century Studies von der University of Sheffield - Sheffield, England
  • Bachelor of Arts - Hauptfächer Geschichte und Germanistik von der University of Wyoming - Laramie, Wyoming, USA
  • Mein Geschichtsblog
  • Praktikum beim Humanities Research Institute der University of Sheffield

History Rhymes - Nineteenth-Century History

Kaiser Wilhelm II After His Abdication – Part 1

Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated after the end of the First World War, but that is generally when he exits the stage of popular history. So what happened to him? What did he do in that time? This article aims to explore some of these questions….

A Decade of History Rhymes

It is hard to believe that an entire decade has elapsed since I published my first History Rhymes blog post entitled “Starting Out.” A lot has changed in the past ten years and I have big plans for it for the future.

Kings of Bavaria: Conclusion – After the Fall of the Monarchy

The rule of the Bavarian kings ended with the German Revolution of 1918-1919 in the immediate aftermath of World War I. The royal family became enemies of the Nazis and had to flee Germany, but never gave up the dream of restoring the monarchy.

History Rhymes Featured on Tutorful

History Rhymes has been picked to be featured in an editorial by Tutorful called “History Lovers: Awesome Websites and Resources To Cure Your Boredom”….

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